Being present.
The gift you can give yourself
by being fully aware of your being
able to respond to and accept
the privilege of gaining firsthand experiences.
The blessing of fleeting moments of joy
and the exceptionality of failing forward
because being prepared
for the promised challenges
allows for promised success
that losing isn’t the only way to gain
and that process isn’t the only thing that needs love.
Perspective to see dreams
feel the welcoming energy of opportunity
rewriting the investment strategy
not fearing the risk.
It’s okay is you have nothing to share
recognizing your humanity is plenty
but striving is prospect bountiful enough to share
Like a punchbowl of honesty
I’d toast to that.
— April 25th ~ DK

Paging Mr. WriTe

Can poetry be a mutant ability? Well, I'm a writer by nature. It's how I learn, travel, create and live. Some call me a poet but I am not. I'm a different breed of creative. I have a few side projects, won a couple poetry slams and performed on TV. Most recently I did a Black History Month spot for BET's "Yes To Black" Campaign.  

It is rare to have
Pleasure in conversation
Watching them listen
— Lovely Listener~ DK Haiku
The boat is sinking but it will take awhile./ No one is single file./ Some are jumping ship and hope for the best./ With or without a life vest./ It’s just like the attendant warned us about. In those instructions mentioned/ Mothers and Children first, no exception./ For the first couple of rafts until reality is perception./ Of life and death Then exception/ is the women or the wealthy./ Controllers of banks, bloodlines and realty/ The real is now at stake in the ocean blue/ Lives are in the balance, The scales only fit a few/ That’s the other exception in hindsight/ And why black lives matter is a highlight/ The system works Just not for those I look like/ Just not for my body type/ Just not somebody that is right fit/ Safety ain’t here, we gotta swim out to it/ So if self esteem is rivaled/ With my confidence in survival/ My poker face must remain flexible in panic/ That any dream I chase may become Titanic/ With no hope beyond the rope to Single file/ Flying only in the emergency isle/ Life’s a journey & I’d like to stay for a while /Any other choices are unacceptable/ For exceptions to the inevitable /You either die living or trying to
— The Other Exception ~ DK