Art To Copy

Creativity can solve anything, including this bio section. So I've decided to flip roles with the designers I've been privileged to be partnered with and let them tell you about DK. 

"He enjoys other things besides writing like cooking, long drives and the voice-to-text feature on the go. DK is always on the go." - DK Wright

"DK is the most driven guy I’ve met. He is so genuinely interested in the world around him, and is always striving to contribute his own brand of awesome into it. He is a lover, and cares deeply about those around him. He is a people-person, and his way of being able to talk to anyone about anything is something that makes me seriously jealous. He is a poet - every sentence that comes out of his mouth was carefully crafted in his mind, and I am inspired every time I hear him speak."- Jessica Q 

"I appreciate DK. DK’s perspective and knowledge to several topics has inspired me to become the best person that could possibly become. There’s been several instances where his perspective has shifted the narrative of the groups path. What I think he excels at the most is articulation. He does a tremendous job at articulating his points and the vernacular is always on point. He is the poet and story teller of the group. He brings to life perspectives that many will never imagine or conceive." - Antonio K